PAGE TO CLICK not only will help you to create an interesting digital content for your audience, but first of all will help you build a better brand recognition and awareness by adding branding elements as brand logo, brand colours, a trademark, brand mantra to your e-publication. Your readers can see your logo, brand colours on preloading screen as well on the background while reading

a publication, reminding them

whose content it is.


Most of us are paper book lovers, love to feel crisp of paper and sound of flipping pages. Now your digital content can have a real book feel and satisfy your readers by providing them a great page flip and flip sound effects that your customers get while reading printed publications. All even little details are important in a real paper book and same with e-publication, all texts and images are crisp and high resolution for an excellent

reading experience. 


Let your users easily find an information they are looking for in your digital publication. They can search through all text of your e-publication to find exactly what they want. A clear overview of the search results navigates them directly to the pages they need.


Give your readers a tool that will let them easily mark interesting parts of your e-publication. Bookmarks are a great tool which will help your readers quickly locate the pages that they liked. What is more they can add a note to each bookmark which makes navigation even easier and more enjoyable and enable readers to quickly search what pages they liked. 


It is so easy to print your

e-publication. Your readers can print all pages of your digital publication or just a selected pages, depends what they need. In addition there is an option of printing coupons/vouchers directly from your e-catalogue. 

Table of contests

You can have a table of contents added to your digital publication.

If you already have a table of contents in your publication, we can link it to the right pages. If not, we can create it and add it to your content as a side panel to give your readers better navigation through your e-publication. 


Give your customers a fast

and easy navigation in your

e-publication thanks to an intuitive toolbar. The toolbar is rich in many useful icons as print, zoom, bookmarks, share and many more - just scroll down to find out more about other options. This is a great feature which you cannot get for your printed publication.

More and more people use

mobile devices as tablets or smartphones everyday for browsing websites, online shopping and communication thanks to an easy access anytime and anywhere. Therefore is so important that your digital content can be easily viewed on any mobile devices. You can achieve that due to a responsive technology. We can assure you that with e-publication your audience can see your content online on any mobile or tablet.  


Navigate very fast to any page of you e-publication thanks to thumbnails tool. It's a great help especially when e-publication has many pages, it just makes a navigation super quick and easy. If your content contains lots of images, you can show thumbnail page previews, for all people who prefer navigate visually.  


Responsive technology

It's so simple to deliver your

e-catalog to your customer, you only need a link. Send link to your emailing database or send your customers SMS with a link, or share it with them on social media. You get wider reach than with a printed catalog. 

Multi - languages 

Offline - no problem

Do you want your customers

 to access e-catalog offline? Easy! Your recipients can easily download all catalog or selected pages to their computer, tablet or smartphone and

view it anytime offline.  



You don't have to worry where to store your e-publications. We've got your covered! We provide you with hosting on our safe servers, so you get lots of space and safe spot for your content and we send you a simple link to your digital publication on our server to share on your website, social media, email etc. We offer one year hosting with possibility of extension for longer.

Market your digital content

Easily promote your

e-publication by putting it on your website or blog, sharing on social media, sending as a link via email , SMS or MMS. You can add a QR code with a link to your product or business card, or add to your marketing campaigns. 

SEO + Stats

Stay up to date! SEO and statistic matter! Your digital content is indexed by search engines, which makes it very SEO friendly, we customise keywords, pages titles to achieve maximum visibility. We can extract your PDF text as a text version so your content can be search by Google. Track your customers engagement by setting up a Google Analytics or your e-catalog.   


Give your readers a tool that will allow them to easily copy interesting text from your digital publication. It is very simple, just chose a select text tool and select the text that you want to copy.

The icon to select text is

added to a toolbar.  

With e-publications you get a custom interface option. As a standard you have few simple background choices however you can have e-publication interface matching to your publication’s style or to your brand image. We suggest to use a background as a branding tool, so add logo or brand colours.

More e-catalogues? 

Do you have more than one

e-catalogue? Now you can simply linked them together by adding a link to your other

e-catalogues on the last page of e-catalogue. Thanks to that your customer can easily and fast view other catalogues, which gives you a great tool to promote your products or offers.


Your users might want to download your digital publication to their computers, mobiles or USB. Easy! They can even download only selected pages that they need. This tool is very helpful for creating catalogues offers or for users who prefer to have your e-catalogue saved on a drive.

Zoom In


Engage your readers with an immersive digital experience by adding animations, links, sounds, photo slideshows, videos, flash animations and other interactivity. Let your digital publication become a storytelling tool and give them power to encourage, engage and sell more.

Reach more customers with your e-catalog thanks to a share tool. Your customers can easily share your content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more, also share via email or just simply copy the link to e-catalog and send via any communicator. 


See on full screen 

Most of us prefer full screen viewing, probably because  we don't want anything to distract us. You won't get that problem with our digital publication. Just with one click of mouse or finger touch you can easily see your e-publication in high quality on full screen. 



Turn your e-catalogues into a shoppable experience with an ecommerce tool. This extra tool which let you send an email about an exact product directly from e-catalog or even buy it and pay for it using paypal account. That’s a perfect tool for your salesmen or if you don’t want to have an online store, just a website.

Real book feel

Just a link



Your digital publication now can have a  high-quality magnification feature which allows your users to zoom in on any desired photo, image and text. It's a great tool if you there is any small text that could be hard to read or if your readers want to print any of the content with exceptional quality.

Do you want to send your digital publication to readers abroad but you worry that they might don't understand how to navigate your e-publication. It's not a problem anymore! You can chose a language of your e-publication's interface from 17 available languages as: English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and more.






We are a team of experienced and creative marketers, graphic designers and IT. Our goal is to inspire your customers with your digital publication. We make effort to ensure your customers will appreciate fast access to your e-publication and intuitive navigation on laptop, tablet and smart phone.  Moreover with our e-pubication you get a new effective marketing tool which will help you to reach more customers and  get higher revenue. 



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